Head office

Juraev Sardor Azamovich

Head of the Department of youth employment and entrepreneurship development

Olimov Sherzod Murodullayevich

Head of the youth policy coordination department in state and economic management bodies

Latipov Obidjon Asomudinovich

Head of the Anti-Corruption Internal Control Department

Kholdarova Indira Abdukarimovna

Head of the project coordination Department for five initiatives

Abdunazarov Sobir Ibragimovich

Acting Head of Information Analysis and Enforcement

Ziyodilloyev Ixtiyor

Head of the Department of Affairs

Mominov Abdulaziz

Head of human resources development

Alimov Akmalbek Abdumajidovich

Head of department of legislative initiatives and legal literacy of young people

Sattarov Umidulla Ulashovich

Head of the Department for Youth Affairs and Volunteer Development in Educational Institutions

Okhunov Islom Bakhromovich

Head of department of international relations development

Shamsutdinov Javohirbek Nozimjonovich

Head of department for handling requests from individuals and legal entities

Ubaydullaev Davron Yuldashboevich

Head of the financial and economic Department

Khalikov Akmal Nutfulloevich

Head of the legal office

Sultanov Ulugbek Olimovich

Head of department of social protection of youth and promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Abdullayev Nurulla Gaybullaevich

Head of Chancellery

Baxromov Fazliddin

Head of Innovation and Digital Technologies Development Department


Head of the department for Working with youth leaders in the neighborhood

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