Goals and Tasks

Youth Policy

State control over compliance with legislation in the field of youth policy in order to ensure the implementation of tasks to support youth

Youth rights and freedom

Protect the rights and freedoms of young people, their legitimate interests, enhance their legal culture, take an active part in the prevention of delinquency and crime among young people

Youth cooperation

Effective cooperation with non-governmental non-profit organizations and other institutions of civil society in the implementation of state youth policy

Youth and Business

Wide involvement of young people in small business and private entrepreneurship, creation of additional conditions for them to master modern skills, skills of the digital economy, assistance in the process of their employment

Powerful Youth

Development and implementation of a unified state policy, strategic directions and state programs in the field and directions related to youth

Social protection

Definition of social and legal protection and employment of orphaned youth and deprived of parental care who graduated from educational institutions


To educate young people in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland, respect for national and universal values, to involve the younger generation in science, to teach them "From national revival to national progress!" identify measures to unite around the idea, organize and implement the promotion of state youth policy

Equal Youth

Preparation of proposals for improving regulatory legal acts aimed at supporting young people in the country, protecting their legal rights and interests

Foreign investment and advanced technologies

Development of cooperation with international financial institutions, donor countries and foreign organizations in cooperation with interested ministries and departments to attract foreign investment and advanced technologies in areas related to youth activities.

International cooperation

Develop international cooperation in the field of youth policy, take the necessary measures to improve the position of our country in international rankings in the field of youth, systematically work with youth studying abroad.

Grants for Youth

Distribution of state grants and subsidies in the form of social orders to support the activities of non-governmental non-profit organizations in the field of youth, as well as to finance programs, projects and research in the field of state youth policy, including targeted, and ensure effective use

5 important initiatives

Implementation of five important initiatives, including engaging young people in culture, arts, physical education and sports, increasing their literacy in the field of information technology, promoting reading among young people, employing women, developing the intellectual potential and talent of gifted youth

Also under the Union and its separate divisions will be established branches “Rainbow”, which, accordingly, carry out activities in the direction of children. They are the subsidiaries of the Union and its separate divisions.

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