A briefing was held regarding the contests and competitions held within the second season of the "Five Initiatives Olympiad"

Aug. 11, 2022, 6:11 p.m. 1892

In order to meaningfully organize the free time of the youth in the neighborhood and to discover and support the talents of the youth in the areas of culture, art, sports, reading, IT, for the first time in April-June of this year, five times the first season of the "Five Initiatives Olympiad" was held at the neighborhood-sector-district-territory-republic level.


During the first season, more than 6.2 million young people took part in more than 14 contests and competitions covering a number of important areas, and more than 540 young people won the national stage of contests and competitions.


For example, 291,000 young people participated in the football and mini-football competitions held within the framework of the "Chairman of the State Security Service Cup", while 327,848 young people and intellectuals participated in the chess competition for the "Youth Affairs Agency Cup". Reached 322,000 people took part in the volleyball competition, 327,000 people in the athletics competition, 183,000 people in the streetball competition, 22,000 people in the street workout competition, 35,000 people in the checkers competition. 62,000 people in the table tennis competition, 366,138 people in the "Cybersport" competition, 476,540 people in the "Fun and clever" competition, 381,024 people in the "Smart Reader" intellectual game, 55,958 in the "Young Reader Family" competition. young families, 725,583 people participated in the "Zakovat" intellectual game, 267,968 people in the "Mushoira" contest, and more than 284,494 thousand young people in the "Voice of Youth" contest.


At the meeting organized by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the occasion of "Youth Day" on June 30, 2022, it was decided to organize the "Olympiad of Five Initiatives" in 2 seasons every year.


The admission process for the second season of the "Five Initiatives Olympiad" will last from August 10 to September 9 of this year.


Within the second season of the Olympics, young people can participate in more than 14 contests and competitions in the fields of culture, art, sports, reading, and IT, athletics, streetball, chess, checkers, badminton, table tennis, street workout, republican sports competitions in national wrestling, "Cybersport" competition aimed at organizing effective use of computer technologies and the Internet, "Zakovat" intellectual school aimed at improving the logical knowledge of young people It is planned to organize traditional contests such as "Yosh Kitabkhan", "Kuvnog va Zukkolar" aimed at promoting spirituality and reading.

Participants can participate in contests and competitions within the framework of the second season of the "Five initiatives Olympiad" by registering individually or as a team through the beshtashabbus.uz website.

The second season will be held in 5 stages (neighborhood-sector-district-territory-republic) and the winners of the Final stage will be awarded in December of this year - within the framework of the "Youth Forum" events.

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