Open dialogue was held on the topic “Constitutional reforms in the eyes of youth” 

July 26, 2022, 3:01 p.m. 401

Open dialogue was held on the topic “Constitutional reforms in the eyes of youth”

Yesterday, July 25, an open dialogue was held between members of the Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan and young people on the topic “Constitutional reforms in the eyes of youth”.

It was attended by members of the Constitutional Commission Mirafzal Mirakulov, Akbarshakh Teshabayev, chairmen of the Youth parliaments under the chambers of the Oliy Majlis Shakhnoza Joldasova, Bekzod Tokhtamurodov, members of the Youth parliaments and active youth.

During the dialogue, the issues of further strengthening the participation of young people in the process of improving our Constitution, the formation of substantive proposals related to State Youth Policy and the reflection of these issues in our main column were considered and the draft constitutional law was discussed in detail.

For information, until today, more than 60% of the proposals received by our compatriots in the process of constitutional reform were adressed by young people. On the basis of proposals from the population, an updated draft of the Constitution was put for public discussion. The project proposes to make changes to 64 of the total 128 articles and add 6 new ones.

In the discussions, changes in the draft Constitution were mainly made in the areas of human rights and freedoms, entrepreneurship and private property, Intellectual Property, Information, social life, medicine and ecology, science, education, youth and law. The issues related to the formation of the constitutional bill, the implementation of a wide range of legal propaganda for the awareness of our youth of the content and essence of the project, the motivation of our youth to be active in such political processes were explained.

At the seminar, the participants received answers from experts to their questions about constitutional reforms and strengthened their knowledge about our Constitution.

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