The week "Fergana region's experience in preventing youth crime" was held

Sept. 20, 2022, 10:10 a.m. 231

The week "Fergana region's experience in prevention of youth crime" was held

Scientific-practical conference "Experience of Fergana region in prevention of youth crime: problems and solutions" concluded the weekly series of events.

From September 9 to 16, raids were conducted with the members of the "Shield" group in the neighborhood, and "Psychologist and youth" travelling reception was organized for young people who are on the preventive list and have difficulty in education.

In the scientific-practical conference, the representatives of the Youth Affairs Agency, the chairmen of the Youth Parliament under the Oliy Majlis and the Senate under the Legislative Chamber, and a number of industry experts participated with their reports on the topic "Prevention of youth crime".

After the conference, training was organized for neighborhood leaders, prevention inspectors and youth of the group called "Qalqon".

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