Aug. 31, 2022, 8:08 p.m. 467


by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev

at the solemn ceremony dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Dear compatriots!

Distinguished guests!

Ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, standing in this lovely park of the New Uzbekistan, I sincerely congratulate you, dear ones, on the great day of our nation – the Independence Day.

I would like to express to all of you my deep respect and appreciation, as well as my best wishes.

Dear friends!

Thirty-one years ago, a new independent country called the «Republic of Uzbekistan» appeared on the world map.

The First President distinguished Islam Abduganievich Karimov announced the national independence of our country to the whole world.

The years and centuries shall pass, but the Independence Day, which has restored our national statehood, identity and human rights, underlying all of our achievements and goals, shall always be the biggest and the most precious holiday for us and our future generations.

Dear compatriots!

Over the past six years, we have launched and are consistently continuing our democratic reforms at the new stage of our country’s development.

In the past period, the principle «It is not the people who should serve the state bodies, but the state bodies that should serve the people» became the program of our activities.

The ministers and khokims, deputies and senators, leaders and officials, in general, all of us, as our great poet Cholpon has said, «go into the people and take strength from the people» and serve our nation based on a new approach.

We have all grounds to say with confidence one truth: today’s Uzbekistan is not yesterday’s Uzbekistan. Our nation today is not the nation of yesterday.

Despite the negative effects of the pandemic and the global crisis, our country is boldly moving forward on the path of building a free, prosperous and happy life.

All of us are all well aware that it is not easy to build the New Uzbekistan that we are striving for today, to create the foundations of the Third Renaissance.

There are many terms and criteria for such a great mission. However, the most important and decisive factor is the path of democratic reforms.

Therefore, we shall never deviate from this path, which fully meets the interests of our people. No matter how hard it may be, we should only move forward.

Dear participants of the holiday!

For us, the more precious a person is, the more precious his memory is.

For this reason, we attach a great importance to justifying the names of our ancestors who fell for the freedom of the Homeland, studying their activities, scientific and creative heritage, and honoring their memory.

It is becoming not only our mission, but above all our human duty to preserve the continuity of traditions between generations, which occupy a special place in our national values, to make the lives of war and labor veterans, our esteemed fathers and mothers more meaningful.

We also consider our youth, who are determined to build a New Uzbekistan, to be a real pillar and backbone of our nation. Our children are winning the prestigious international competitions and festivals, scientific Olympiads and competitions, and are raising high the flag of Uzbekistan.

At the recently held World Chess Olympiad in India, our national team was awarded the high title of «Olympic champion» for the first time in history.

On this great day, I once again congratulate our smart, strong-willed, brave and courageous sons and daughters, their parents, teachers and trainers, and wish them new victories and good luck.

Along with this, it is commendable that the youth of our country participated in the Islamic Solidarity Games held in Turkey, and our servicemen took honourable places at the international army competitions.

Dear compatriots!

Our country’s influence and prestige in the international arena is increasing. We shall shore up our friendly and equitable foreign policy with all partner nations and international organizations.

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome the distinguished ambassadors of foreign countries and representatives of international organizations participating in today’s ceremony. We express them our sincerely gratitude them for their great contribution to the development of our fruitful cooperation, and wish peace and prosperity to their countries and peoples.

Dear friends!

Today, we are rapidly implementing the development strategy of the New Uzbekistan. Our purpose is clear and distinct.

We can say without any exaggeration that the New Uzbekistan is the state:

- that provides the ample opportunities to use the public services in order to further improve the life of every citizen;

- where people can openly talk about their problems and work together to solve them;

- that provides an opportunity to ensure justice for everyone and citizens of which are equal before the law, regardless of their social status;

- that has created the necessary conditions for the development of entrepreneurship.

In a word, a New Uzbekistan means an open and just society that cares for every citizen. To achieve these lofty goals, we shall organize our further work on five main tasks within the «Development Strategy» until 2026.

First, in the field of EDUCATION, we consistently continue to create the most favorable conditions for our children to acquire modern knowledge and skills. To this end, school curricula, teaching methods and textbooks content will be fundamentally revised. This system will first be examined by advanced foreign experts, and only then can it be successfully implemented.

As a result, a school graduate of the New Uzbekistan will become a person who has acquired modern skills, mastered information technologies, creative thinking, make independent decisions, and has a broad outlook.

In this regard, we shall pay a special attention to the issues of building schools in all our regions, especially in rural areas, and providing them with highly qualified pedagogical personnel. We shall elevate our common endeavor to encourage the work of teachers and trainers to a new stage. We shall comprehensively develop an inclusive education for children with disabilities.

Second, if the JUDICIAL SYSTEM is not independent, there will be no development in our society. Everyone who comes to trial must be sure that law and justice are a priority in this court.

In the New Uzbekistan, a fair solution to any controversial issue should be found only by a court of justice! Any interference in the work of judges shall be severely punished, all necessary conditions shall be created for their undisturbed work. No matter how difficult it may be, we shall certainly continue our reforms in the judicial system.

Third, it is evident from the world experience that only in a country where ENTREPRENEURSHIP develops, there will be quality education, qualified medicine, comfortable life and confidence in the future.

Generally speaking, the additional jobs shall be created, poverty shall be reduced, and the income of the population shall increase through the development of business in the New Uzbekistan.

For this, all barriers to private property and entrepreneurship shall be removed. A state administration shall be reformed and state participation in the economy shall be drastically reduced.

We shall consistently continue reforms aimed at easing the tax burden on citizens and entrepreneurs and simplifying the tax system. In this regard, no special privileges are given to anyone, all necessary conditions for a healthy competitive environment are created.

Fourth, we shall expand the access to better quality and qualified medical services to the population in the HEALTH CARE system. We shall increase the coverage of emergency medical care in all regions and bring it closer to people. Our goal is to ensure that our people live a healthy life and to have every opportunity to increase average life expectancy.

Fifth, the issue of providing the population with CLEAN POTABLE WATER shall always be in our spotlight. The amount of investments in the industry shall be increased dramatically.

Along with this, we are implementing separate programs on delivering clean potable water to problem areas and improving its quality.

Dear friends!

Certainly, it is natural that various difficulties and problems appear before us in the implementation of such large-scale reforms. However, our brave and tenacious people, who have experienced many trials and hardships in their history, are able to overcome any difficulties. I firmly believe that. The main author and creator of our Constitution, which is being renewed, serves as a solid legal basis in this way.

We shall adopt our Main Law without haste, thinking deeply, consulting with our people, and only on the basis of a national referendum.

I am confident that our New Constitution will be a People’s Basic Law, a real People’s Constitution.

Dear participants of the event!

Today’s complicated situation in the world requires us to be the master of the craft, be dedicated day and night, and work effectively.

Therefore, increasing the power and potential of our Armed Forces remains our top priority. We are now placing a greater emphasis on improving the combat training, military skills, and patriotic qualities of our soldiers and officers.

On this auspicious occasion, we sincerely congratulate our brave and courageous men, who are always vigilant and cautious on defense of the Homeland, and wish them a strength and luck.

Distinguished compatriots!

Today we are setting ambitious and lofty goals. On the way to achieving such great goals, our people are working hard to become a united family, a single nation. If we say that this is the solid guarantee of all our achievements, we will be telling the truth.

Taking this opportunity, I sincerely bow to our hardworking, noble and tolerant people who have been supporting our reforms and always showing selflessness in their implementation.

I once again congratulate you, my dear compatriots, on the 31st anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan, and wish all of you a sound health, happiness and blessings to your families.

May our dreams come true!

May the Almighty protect us all!

May our country be peaceful, and our people be happy! 

May our Independence be eternal!

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