History of success

Tashkent City
Gulrukhbonu Shokirova

A young diplomat who got accepted to 43 universities.

About the hero


- 2nd year student of the Faculty of International Economics and Management of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (on a budgetary basis - 189 points);

- Graduated from school No. 250 of Yunusabad district with a gold medal;

- Laureate of the State Prize "Kelajak Bunyodkori";

- The owner of the "30 years of establishing relations between Uzbekistan and the United States badge";

- Holder of the rector's scholarship;

- Winner of many competitions;

- Member of the Council of Young Scientists;

- Active member of the UZLIDEP party;

Brief biography

There are 3 children in our family. My sister, brother and me. My sister studies at the creative school named after Abdulla Kadiri, and my brother studies at school No. 250 of the Yunusabad district. I graduated from school No. 250 of the Yunusabad district with a gold medal.

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